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Jam Filled Entertainment was founded in 2007 and continues to produce creative high quality animated entertainment. The studio offers animation solutions through a digital pipeline using both Toonboom's Harmony and Adobe Flash CS5. With the senior team’s combined experience and reputation, Jam Filled provides excellent work that is done on time, on budget and above expectations.

Jam Filled Entertainment


The Wendell’s family cross country RV vacation get’s cut short when they accidently take a sharp turn through a guard rail and drop 2 miles due south. When the dust settles at the bottom of the hole they quickly discover that they’re not alone…welcome to Crash Canyon!

Who knows who’s gonna drop in next?!

In production with Breakthrough Entertainment and TELETOON. Airing Fall 2011.

Demographic- Ages 14-25




After being left behind by a travelling circus sideshow, Chuckles ‘n’ Knuckles are on their own for the first time in their sheltered lives! Equipped with nothing but a clown car and a human canon for a trailer, they set off on a course to destinations unknown in hopes of getting back to their wandering circus home. Like bugs on the wind shield of life, Chuckles ‘n’ Knuckles smear themselves across every unfamiliar situation they encounter. From highway pit-stops to inner city slums, every off ramp leads to off the wall mishaps and misadventures.

Can two lost and confused sideshow freaks make their way back to the circus that abandoned them? Doubt it.

In Development - Demographic- Ages 7-14



Finding fun where there was none

For most folks, living on Planet “Blah” is exactly that…blah. But when four friends, Flump, Kippit, Smunch and Yopul use their imagination and creativity they can turn everyday boring situations into exciting adventures.

Four Funzies is an animated cartoon that teaches children basic science concepts and life lessons through the power of social interaction.

So come join in the “funzies”!

In Development - Demographic- Ages 2-6


FOUR FUNZIES - Finding fun where there was none

Meat in the City

Remember Tony Boloney? He was the 80’s mascot for a major processed meat company and a sandwich icon for a nation of red meat gorging lunch-goers. Remember him… well neither does anyone else.

As the diet crazed health nuts of the 90’s listed boloney as the “#1 Meat to avoid” Tony wound up losing all his riches, fame, and followers. He soon fell into a life of solitude and now spends his days dragging his feet through the thin slice of life that has been dealt to him.

Whether he’s at the desk job he hates, struggling on the internet dating scene or hanging out with his blind vegan roommate Terry… Tony does his best to get through the daily grind.

In Development - Demographic- Ages 18-35


LONELY BOLONEY - Meat in the City


Tubbs and Chubbs are low I.Q, high energy entrepreneurial dynamos who have developed a one of a kind service! With a splash of Tony Little and a fist full of Anthony Robbins, these tenacious brothers are a lemon-y twist on "today’s handy man".

By "subbing in" for any individual in need of temporary replacement, they have found an endless supply of demand for their two of a kind service. No matter the required professional or social skills, the SubBs attempt to seamlessly fill in for their clients to the best of their limited ability. Whether you're a police officer, a politician, a pickler or a prom date... these pros will perform to your personal prowess….. partially.

If you don't feel like producing this show, give them a call... "The SUBbS" will do it for you!

In Development Demographic- Ages 7-14




Do you have questions... ‘cause he’s got questionable answers.

Sir Marty Cardigan is the host of “Smarty Cardigan”, a popular advice series that successfully succeeds to answer everyday questions from real viewers. By using a patented role playing technique, Sir Marty and his loyal and fidgety intern, Chester Sweatervest, go through a step by step reenactment of the viewers’ dilemma. The results are often awkward and painful… for Chester… but always hilarious for the viewer.

In development - Demographic-Ages 12-18



What if the legendary Monkey King, Sun Wukong, along with the most powerful relic of the gods disappeared? Who would save the day?

Sun Wutong, son of the Monkey King! That’s who.

Join Sun Wutong, with his friends Piggy and Sandy in their adventure as they search for the Monkey King and the lost relic. Laugh and learn as the trio battle monsters, help villagers, and ultimately find their true place in the world…and of course, get into all sorts of mischief.

The series will help children learn interesting facts about China, the characters homeland, while teaching basic moral lessons through the excitement of adventure.

Demographic- Ages 6-12



January 2011

Jam Filled Entertainment has moved to a new location! We are now located in a 4100 sqft space at 20 Camelot Dr. Suite 100 in Ottawa On. Can. We are settling in and enjoying the hot tub.


Jam Filled Entertainment is located in the nation’s capital just minutes away from the Ottawa Airport, and about half an hour from the closest water park.

Kyle Mac Dougal

Kyle Mac Dougall
Executive Producer / Partner

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Phil Lafrance
Creative Director / Partner

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Jamie Leclaire
Creative Director / Partner

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